Sunday, 8 November 2015

Adv: Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Gel

Where got time?!?!?!?!?!?!?

I used to think this ^ way all the time. 
But I realized that you should take care of your skin while you're young because it will never be younger than it is right now.

I received this UV Aqua Rich Water Gel (SGD18.90/ 90ml ) and I tried it immediately. 
To be honest, I really liked it eh

I thought I wouldn't like it at all since UV protection had never been something I bothered about, and it is always so sticky and disgusting omg I don't even want to have it on my skin.

However, this changed my mind!
Firstly, when you pour it out, it's a very light and has a watery texture.
Why is that good? Because it spreads evenly and really quickly on your face.

 This gel has got SPF 50 and PA++++ which is really good for UV protection!

Why should we protect ourselves from the UV rays you may ask?
Simply because staying out and exposing yourself to the UV rays can cause permanent effects such as premature skin ageing, wrinkles & freckles, as well as, various skin damages like discolouration, sallowness, dryness and even skin cancer. (in extreme cases)

I love how this dries really quickly and doesn't have a sticky touch!
Also, my skin looks whitened only from one application!!
Use this as a base everyday and you'll see differences in your skin.
You can apply this gel on your face and all over your body as well!

They're available at all leading pharmacies, super & hyper markets, departmental stores, beauty stores and selected minimarts.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Review: Cosmetics + Skincare products

Hi everyone!
Sorry for the longggg delay, I was soooo caught up with school and work :(
I'm back with loads of overdue posts that I never got to post! 
Will try my best to post as much as I can!
Hope to see you the next time~ 

Moving on,

I got to try a few different items ranging from makeup to masks and I'm really excited to share them with you! 

Item #1: 
Mary Kay® Endless Performance® Crème-to-Powder Foundation (SGD36.00)

For me, I don't usually use foundation because I feel like there's no need for it and it's really heavy.
However, with this foundation, it's really light and feels like I didn't even have any foundation on. 
I like this a lot as it firstly is applied cream, and it slowly evens out my skin tone and then becomes powdery and matte! 
Best thing about it is that you wouldn't have to keep touching up throughout the day as it stays fresh for 12 hours! 

Item #2: 
Mary Kay® Mineral Cheek Color Duo (SGD27.00)
(Ripe watermelon)

I absolutely love this blush.
Like I literally use this blush every single time I dress up.
I love how the shimmer highlights so well and is so pigmented!!
If you follow me closely on Instagram, you'd be able to tell that literally all of my faces (w/ makeup) has this lovely highlight and blush.

Also, I never had to touch up my blush because it stayed on all day!
There's other colors available too and they all look really pretty!!!

Item #3:
Mary Kay® Botanical Effects® Mask Formula 2 (Normal Skin)

I hardly ever use masks firstly and I would only use it when I have nothing to do.
I'm really lucky to have some time for this mask because it goes deep into your pores to cleanse and not only is it a mask, it is a facial scrub as well!

So you can enjoy your mask and then exfoliate as well, best of both worlds?!

Leave it on for ~20 mins and exfoliate your skin after.
You'll feel it tighten and refreshing right after applying it.
Wash off and you'll have really smooth skin!

After the mask, my skin felt REALLY refreshed and clean!!
For best results, you've gotta use it 2-3 times a week.
Not to mention, this mask is really affordable as well.
(you usually can't really tell much after the first mask but I could for this as I felt that my skin felt more supple and smooth!!)

Last but not least,

Item #4:
Mary Kay® Satin Lips® Set (SGD44.00)

If you know me personally, you'd know that I have really chapped lips.
Why? Because of bad habits.
Because I don't like to hydrate myself and also I really like to peel my lips.
I regret every single time because they always end up bleeding or in pain (LOL pathetic sia)

I can say that this works really easily because I have disgustingly chapped lips and it's a lot better now!
It wouldn't even be so dry that my itchy hands would want to peel it.

There's the mask and balm sold separately (at SGD24 & SGD20 respectively) but for best results, do get the set!

How to use?
Super easy!
1. Just apply the Lip Mask for 3 minutes and leave it on to do its magic.

2. Remove with a wet cotton bud to exfoliate your lips! (left to right in circular motion)

3. Apply Lip Balm
Really simple and wouldn't take much time either!

Look at how smooth my lips are after the treatment!!!
Love it!

If you'd like to make an order for these really affordable skin care & cosmetics, do contact my beauty consultant @ 9616 7653! Her name is Veron~